Cybersecurity News Roundup: MSI, Camden County Police, Muddy Water, and Rorschach Ransomware

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In this episode of the Security Squawk podcast, our cyber experts discuss recent cyber-attacks and threats, including:

· MSI, a Taiwanese chip maker hit by a cyber-attack with a group claiming responsibility for stealing critical data, including BIOS source code and keys, which could have devastating consequences for the company.

· The Camden County Police Department in New Jersey experiencing a ransomware attack, impacting criminal investigative files and day-to-day internal administration abilities.

· The group “Muddy Water” targeting facilities and networks with the intent to destroy the system completely, likely for geopolitical reasons.

· The Rorschach ransomware attack, believed to be the fastest to date and how companies are covering up cyber breaches and ransomware attacks out of fear of legal and financial penalties or compromising user data.

Join us as we delve into the latest cyber threats and explore the potential impact on businesses and individuals alike.