Notorious Ransomware gang hits Procter & Gamble | What is Microsoft Exchange Online? | 8 million Australian and New Zealand driver’s license stolen | What if chat GPT gets hacked?

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Welcome to this episode of the Security Squawk podcast, where our cyber experts bring you the latest updates on the top security news and trends. In today’s episode, we cover the following stories:

Procter & Gamble falls victim to a ransomware attack by the notorious Clop group, highlighting the growing threat of ransomware to businesses and organizations.

Microsoft launches Exchange Online to prevent vulnerable servers from being exploited by hackers and block malicious emails from reaching users.

The theft of around 8 million driver’s license numbers from Australia and New Zealand underscores the importance of securing personal data and the need for stronger data protection regulations.

We also discuss a recent bug discovered in Chat GPT, the AI language model, and its implications for data privacy and security.

Tune in to this episode for expert insights and analysis on these critical security issues.