US Congress hacked | Amazon suffers ransomware attack from Russian gang | SpaceX contractor hacked, 3 000 spaceship part drawings stolen

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Hosts: Brian Hornung, Reginald Andre, Randy Brian, and Ryan O’Hara

In this episode of the Security Squawk podcast, the hosts delve into several recent cybersecurity incidents. Firstly, they discuss the breach of the US Congress which led to the exposure of the personal information of 170,000 staff members. The hosts analyze the impact of this breach on the affected individuals and also consider the potential implications for future cybersecurity decisions made by Congress.

Next, the speakers examine the ransomware attack on Ring, a smart home security company owned by Amazon, which was carried out by a Russian group known as “Black Cat”. The hosts critique Amazon’s response to the attack and investigate the root cause of the incident.

Finally, the hosts discuss a recent hack on SpaceX’s contractor, in which hackers threatened to sell 3,000 stolen drawings to the company’s competitors. The speakers provide insight into how companies can safeguard their data when they collaborate with third-party vendors and contractors.