Acer suffers data breach, Oakland endures Ransomware attack, Medusa claims responsibility in Minneapolis Public School hack, understanding Biden’s new Cybersecurity Strategy

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The Security Squawk Podcast discusses the recent vulnerabilities found in Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that could allow hackers to steal cryptographic keys and sensitive data. They also talk about recent cybersecurity incidents, such as the ransomware attack on Oakland and the data breach suffered by Acer. The hosts emphasize the need for businesses to take proactive measures to secure their data and prevent cyber-attacks.

They also mention the Medusa ransomware group’s ransom demand for $1 million for the Minneapolis Public School hack.

The podcast ends with a discussion on the White House’s updated National Cybersecurity Strategy for 2023, which focuses on shifting the burden of defending the country’s cyberspace towards software vendors and service providers and the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors.