Analyzing GuLoader Malware and the Suffolk County Cyber Attack: Insights into Rampant Ransomware Threats, including Lock Bit’s Targeting of Macs

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In this podcast, our experts delve into recent cyber incidents this week that have caused significant damage and highlight the need for cybersecurity awareness. They discuss how hackers are targeting US financial organizations and accounting firms during tax season with the sophisticated GuLoader malware and the importance of creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness among employees to prevent such attacks.

They also discuss the recent cyberattack on Suffolk County, which resulted in 139 systems being compromised, with 71 of them being affected by ransomware. Our experts explain the causes of the attack and the impact it has on the county’s residents.

The podcast also warns Mac users about the LockBit ransomware and the misconception that Mac devices are more secure than Windows. Our experts explain the costs of a ransomware attack, including legal fees, settlements, and brand damage, and provide examples of recent attacks on NCR and other businesses.