notorious Black Boy ransomware group unmasked | ransomware gang attacks Sun Corp | Insider Attack causes disruptions to Discovery Bay water treatment facility in California

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Welcome to another exciting episode of the Security Squawk podcast! Today, our cybersecurity experts are diving into some eye-opening incidents that have recently rocked the digital world. We’ll be covering a cyber attack on a critical water treatment plant, the notorious Black Boy ransomware group, unsettling breaches at a medical facility in Texas, and a distressing ransomware attack on Sun Corp, an esteemed oil producer in Canada.

Now, here’s the thing: cybersecurity is an ongoing battle, and our experts can’t stress enough the importance of continuous training. It’s not just a one-and-done deal! Stay vigilant and keep those skills sharp.

But hold on a second, folks. We’ve got some concerns. A measly $6 million settlement for businesses affected by a cyberattack? That just doesn’t seem right. Our experts question whether that’s enough to cover the damages and get things back on track.

So, remember to buckle up and keep those cybersecurity skills up to date. We’re here to help you navigate this ever-evolving landscape. Don’t forget to share this episode, ask us your burning questions, and stay tuned for more valuable insights.