Lockbit Ransomware attacks Apple supplier, USAA Data Breach exposes information of 2500 customers, and Dallas’ $4 Million Investment

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Join our cybersecurity experts in this week’s episode of the Security Squawk podcast where they tackle the latest pressing issues in cybersecurity!

In one story, Lockbit ransomware strikes a significant supplier for Apple, TSMC, demanding a staggering $70 million ransom. The big question is, will TSMC give in to the demand?

Another incident to discuss is the breach on USAA, which exposed the personal information of over 2,500 customers between December 2022 and May 2023. Find out what steps are being taken to address the situation and protect the affected customers.

The city of Dallas, after experiencing a cyber attack, has made headlines by investing a whopping $4 million in a system aimed at preventing future cyber attacks. Is this a viable solution to ensure cybersecurity or just a band-aid on a more significant problem? Tune in to hear our experts’ take!

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