Security Squawk – Episode 4 – New Years Eve – Don’t Throw Your Old Computers In The Dumpster – Reducing Office Disruptions – Ring Camera Hack Lawsuits – Russian Hacking More Than Just The U.S.- Is Cyber Insurance profitable? – GoDaddy Holiday Bonus Phish

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Security Squawk – Episode 4 – Bryan Hornung and Reginald Andre – Post-Christmas/Pre New Years update – Bryan’s company bought a hard drive destruction device and give some advice n getting rid of old technology.

Office disruptions – how do you handle co-worker drive-bys- What are some strategies you can deploy to get back your time?

Amazon, who owns Ring, faces a slew of lawsuits from customers who feel Ring products led to them being hacked. We discuss what happened and why you should care if the devices in your home are secured.

While the world shines a spotlight on the Russian hacking on the U.S. Government & private business, they are also hard at work hacking countries outside of the United States.

A U.K. Hospital group was hacked, and celebrity plastic surgery photos are being held for ransom. We jump into the deal with the cybercriminal act and what this could mean for the victims and the hospital group.

Cyber insurance – will it exist in the future? Will ransomware payments continue to be covered? The writing is on the wall, with fewer carriers offering cyber insurance and increasing 20-50% rates in some industries. Many insurance companies say the product isn’t profitable.

GoDaddy sent a Phishing test to its employees that stated employees were getting a bonus. Many fell for the “phish” and are upset. We get into the ethics of this and whether or not it’s a tactic business should consider.