Security Squawk – Episode 3 – Christmas Eve – SolarWinds Hack Update – Outsource or Hire? – Getting Out of Your Own Way – What to do when G-Mail and Office 365 go down

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Security Squawk – Episode #3 – Bryan Hornung and Reginald Andre discuss the business of cybersecurity. An update on the SolarWinds hack. An update to lasts week’s episode on working with the right I.T. company.

Outsourcing or hire? When is it good for business to consider hiring (and training) talent in-house vs. outsourcing various tasks to outside firms?

It’s common for CEOs and business owners to hold on to tasks too long. Learn what the signs are and what we have done to break these productivity reducing habits.

Baltimore County Schools hack has led to students and employees becoming angry over the reported data leaks. We dive into what happened and how this can happen in any business.