Tech Takedowns: Navigating the Aftermath of Major Cyber Incidents

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In this episode of our Security Squawk podcast, we dive deep into the recent wave of cyber attacks that have hit various sectors, with a significant focus on the auto industry. This attack has left many auto dealers struggling to operate, highlighting the critical nature of third-party risks and the importance of having robust cybersecurity measures and recovery plans.

We also touch on a major ransomware group’s claim of hacking the Federal Reserve, exploring the potential implications and peculiarities surrounding this bold assertion.

Key topics include:

1. The CDK Global cyber attack and its impact on auto dealers.

2. The broader implications for third-party risk management in the auto industry.

3. The financial strain on small auto dealers and their employees.

4. The necessity of comprehensive cybersecurity and business continuity plans.

5. A discussion on the perception of cybersecurity in large companies and the real vulnerabilities they face.

6. The role of private equity in shaping cybersecurity practices within companies.

Join us as we navigate through these pressing issues and provide our expert insights on how businesses can better protect themselves in this increasingly volatile digital landscape.