Courts, Campuses & Cyberattacks: A Deep Dive into Recent Security Breaches & Insurance Disputes

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In this episode of the Security Squawk podcast, we dive deep into the rapidly shifting landscape of cybersecurity and the ripple effects that breaches have on organizations worldwide.

We begin by discussing the monumental court ruling favoring Merck’s $1.4 billion insurance claim post the NotPetya cyberattack. The breaches at Leaseweb, Prospect Medical, and the University of Michigan reveal diverse sectors’ vulnerabilities. But it’s not just private entities in the crosshairs; even the US government’s email servers have faced recent zero-day attacks.

Additionally, with data breaches like Mom’s Meals affecting millions, and the University of California locking horns with Lloyd’s of London over cyber insurance, it’s evident that digital security and its implications are more profound than ever.

Join us as we dissect these events and shed light on the crucial lessons businesses and institutions should draw from them.