Russia to legalize hacking for “national interests”? GoDaddy battling three-Year-Long Series of Linked Cyber Attacks!

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The Security Squawk podcast crew discusses cybersecurity, where they examine various breaches and cyber threats. They analyze recent attacks against GoDaddy, which compromised the login credentials of their hosting customers and personnel. They discuss the importance of good password hygiene, multifactor authentication, and scanning for viruses and suspicious activity. They also talk about the proposed legalization of hacking in Russia for patriotic reasons and the recent FBI cybersecurity incident.

They dive into the rise of ransomware attacks against the semiconductor industry and the need for improved network security using government grants. The hosts also talk about a cybersecurity incident at Lehigh Valley Health Network, traced back to an unauthorized activity from a doctor’s office. They emphasize the need for separate networks and awareness of the risks of connecting personal devices to corporate networks. The episode ended with a discussion about the use of BYOD devices in healthcare.